Is Airglow to heavy in terms of resources?

Have been noticing some slow downs and even crashes when using Airglow on a Mac. What’s your experience with this marvel?

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I honestly haven’t used it all that much. I’ve got 450 frames of a UHD clip at 16bit which takes less than a second per frame…approx 150 frames per minute.

that was with size at 168, Mix of 1, and Quality of 500.

Hope this helps

use this one nonstop. i’m on a linux box, flame 2020.2, have not noticed any slow down…

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What do you guys use this for?

it’s the Flame version of exponential blur

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Oh duh! I had no idea that’s what it was. Thanks for the knowledge!

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Airglow is definitely extremely heavy - maybe tied with Ls_Poly for sheer number of passes. I can’t figure out how to get it any faster or lighter sadly… exponential blur is just not very GPU-friendly. If you don’t have much VRAM and you’re doing 4k work it might be worth resizing the input down to HD and blending it back over the original to keep it under control…


This is exactly the answer I was looking for… I am doing 4K on a MacPro 2013 and just right at the end of my tree I added two AirGlow nodes and the machine keeps crashing and crashing and crashing. Thanks Lewis

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