M2 macbook air

Anyone tried flame on the M2 macbook air?

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I haven’t unfortunately. I have tried however on my M1 laptop with relative success. Was a bit slow, but could do some very light comp work and timeline management

No but $5 says anything remotely ambitious will be problematic with its low gpu specs. It’s not designed to move pixels around.

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I only ever use flame on my macbook once in a blue moon, so wondering about upgrading to a new one, maybe an air instead of pro.

The M1 MBP is a decent Blue Moon Flame box.

I wouldn’t run it on that thing with the largest memory at 24 gb that will max (no pun intended) itself out very very fast and that is what will bite you. I have done some jobs on the MBP at 64 gb memory and you have to be very thoughtful in how it manages its memory

Yes. It totally launches. You can navigate, you can hook it up to a monitor and tablet and you can absolutely do work on it. Not as fast as other machines, in some cases by a long shot. It’s not ideal and I don’t use it myself.

I bought a 14" M2 for this kinda stuff because in addition to being able to use Flame on the road, it is my understudy machine in case the lead gets sick and I know I can get stuff done.

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We have 2 16" M2s people are using. No complaints from them. Buy they’re not super heavy comping.

Have a Mac Studio loaned to a freelancer. No complaints other than heavy medians crash it.

There is a new Crok Median GLSL that you can download for M1 specifically : https://logik-matchbook.org/shader/crok_median


you should try and set memory and graphics consumption targets to 80% under flame setup that helps with a lot of the crashes.