Is there a Matchbox that can create a countdown?

I have already created in After effects- but I am wondering if there is a Matchbox in Flame that will just create a countdown? From 2:00 to 0:00.



There is the md_timer matchbox by Mark Doney ( flamemark shaders). He sadly passed away in 2019 and so i so not know if you can buy the shaders anymore. Also the shader was limited in fonts. I actually talked to Mark about this shader at ibc a year before and he said he had to load in each font character as an image for it to work ( if i understood him correctly) and he told me if i needed it to work with any other font he would gladly make that happen. Awesome guy!!!


Create a 2 minute sequence of black. Add burn-in metadata and use duration or record timecode to create a countdown. Bake it out, timewarp it backwards, and mask off the parts you don’t want, like the frame count. Also allows you to change the font.


cool. I also found a way of doing it in Action using Preset Text-- will require some editing but it works and you can change font.

Thanks for the input