Texting Bubble Generator

Has anyone used a text bubble generator for Flame?

I seem to recall fiddling with one years ago. IIRC variables included width, height, “roundness” of corners. Also position of the little tail thingy. I believe it even allowed you to type text inside it. This may have been a “flame mark” shader but I can’t recall.

Yeah, it was a Flamemark shader. Dunno that there’s any way to get those now.

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Has anyone purchased his Matchbox shaders lately?
I just set up an account and I’m waiting for confirmation. Not sure if it’s still possible to purchase the shaders from the site…

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Mark uhhh…died in a motorcycle accident a year or two ago. You might be waiting on that confirmation for a while. :frowning:

I see. Perhaps someone has taken over the sales/management of his matchboxes.

Maybe @Jack can shed some light

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