Jurassic Punk - Documentary

Just watched a documentary about Steve “Spaz” Williams that is also about the emergence of CG in VFX and it’s great.


I like Steve a lot, but Dennis has a side to the story, too. Let’s have a beer some time.

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I’d love to watch this but i cannot for the life of me find it anywhere. Maybe its a UK thing or maybe i’m just doing a mans look as my wife likes to call it.

yeah same here. I tried all platforms, but doesn’t let me watch it here in Netherlands :frowning:

Love the look of this biodoc but also cannot find it. It looks to be available on:

Watch Jurassic Punk | Prime Video,
but not Amazon-uk. There’s a great Longform interview here with the director and the film looks to provide some great insights into the goodness-of-fit and otherwise with Mr Williams. Perhaps a little too much attention to the rebellious nature, not only of the man, as comportment, but the rebel as ousting a previous dominant paradigm. Hardly the stuff of anti-capitalism, or some rebel union, but more like a parallel to the shift to just-in-time economics. Doesn’t look like the proletariat should be holding a celebratory drink. The interviewer is a little drunk and giggly on the whole gambit, but I liked the director’s sober disposition, and some nice stuff on post-classical vfx cinema, where the plot services vfx which is a prejudice, against which, that I happily share.


PS, I did get to watch this, however, by the same director. There is a relatively deep-dive into the global economics

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I was going to try on Vimeo (from NL) but haven’t tried to watch it yet. Might be helpful to those who haven’t been able to watch but would like to.

Spaz started follow me when i did my first viral with DeNiro, After that we have been talking…
Very interesting guy with still ideas for workflows.
He told me that he had a idea about Actors digi copies back in the day on ilm, but they also cut him on that.

Did not watched the doc yet, planning to do this week!


It’s really great. I enjoyed it, and also felt quite sad at certain moments.
Nice behind the scenes of ILM and the history, and also about some
of the people that work there, mostly Spaz! :grinning: