Latest Vs. New

Man…this is my first post on this amazing site, and it’s kind of a lame question…

Just curious what the difference is between the messages in the Latest tab and the messages in the New tab. There are far fewer messages in the New tab…

Thanks…love the site!


my take is:-

New - a posting thats New on the site and that you have not looked at yet

Unread - a new reply on a thread you have read or contributed to

Latest - a combined view showing all the threads have have recently been added to.

If you don’t want to see a new post showing up in your New list, you can Dismiss the list and it resets until another new post gets listed.

Hiya @DannyYoon, a very warm welcome to you.

By default, the Discourse homepage will show all Latest conversations in the community but you can filter this list in a number of ways:


  • By category : in the menu line, click the ‘all categories’ title and a list of all the categories appears.
  • By tag : in the menu line, click the ‘all tags’ title and a list of all the tags are used will appear.
  • By level of activity : if you click on ‘Top’ the conversation topics will be listed in order of most activity (views and replies) for a specific time period. You can choose whether this is for all time, or select a specific period such as quarter, month, week or just today.
  • By what’s ‘New’ to you : by default , new topics are those created in the last 2 days that you have not opened yet to keep the list fresh and relevant. New topics show a small blue dot next to the topic title


  • By what topics are “Unread” : by default , unread topics are those that you have previously opened and read for at least 4 minutes, and that have new posts (replies) submitted to them. Unread topics show a number in a blue circle indicating how many new posts are in the topic.


Also, for those looking for some power user tips, here’s a much more thorough breakdown of the site and how to get some more out of it.

Danny, welcome man!

I still fondly remember your awesome batch setups from the days of flame-news. Probably around Flame v7 or 8. The ones I can remember:

  • Volumetric light rays with transparent planes with %99 transparency
  • Pincushion particle setup that worked until a version upgrade
  • Real cast shadows with shadow maps

What am I missing?

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Thanks for the tips Randy!

It’s funny how you get used to the single stream of Facebook posts and getting back to a real discussion board feels a bit overwelming because of all the topics.

But this is a necessary and more productive change. Like the good ol’ flame-news days!


Haha…Thanks Sinan.

Those were the days when I was younger, unmarried, no kids. Amazing how much time and energy we all had back then!

Would be hilarious to somehow download the old flame-news threads into this forum as maybe an easter egg for the higher level members. I’m only ‘8bit’ now but when I hit ‘32bit float’, I’ll unlock the flame lore. Ha ha

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welcome Danny!!! awesome to see you here! FLAME ON!!!

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Hey Tim Crean! Man it’s been too long. We need to catch up!

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