Legacy IFFFS Stuff to give away

EDIT: Geees, I had not thought I’d get this many messages!
The Flame and Lustre bags are (of course) already spoken for, I’m afraid.
With many items (key chains, pins, coasters, etc.) I got a whole bunch of,
so no problem distributing those :slight_smile: .
That said, I’ll only get back to the storage by mid march to take it all out and package up. I’ll ping anyone who messaged me around that time and give an idea on shipping cost (will be between 23€ and 44€ to the US).

Hi friends,

I need to clean out storage and I’ve got a ton of IFFFS legacy stuff to give away.

NOTE: Wrt shipping - all stuff is located in Munich, Germany!

Whoever wants something just needs to pay shipping (via PayPal friends & family).
I’ve got several Flame packages from different decades - also pins, stickers, two laptop bags, some nice wall mount acryl glass logos and more.
See some pictures below.
I’ll also be going to NAB in April and could bring some (smaller) items with me to the showfloor :slight_smile: .



Ooooo! Would love a bag, where can I purchase one?

Love All of it especially the bags.

Are any of these left? I’ll take anything you have left, happy to pay shipping!

Thank you

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Hey John!

Sadly not - but a couple flame boxes and a few pins :slight_smile: .