Smoke Keyboard for Linux - anyone want to get rid of one?

Hi all! before I peruse eBay, just wondering if anyone here (US preferred) has a Smoke Linux keyboard they don’t want any more. Perhaps you transitioned to Flame keys? :wink:

This one?

Yes! Exactly!!!

I don’t think I’ve ever used it. Maybe for a few minutes, so, it’s in pretty darn good shape. As a distinguished member of Logik, you cover shipping and its yours.


Amazing. I will figure out how to send you a prepaid shipping label!

Gimme a few days and I’ll rustle up a box and provide dimensions.

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This will be a collectors item someday. It’s a classic!


Randy - what background lighted keyboard is visible above the Smoke keyboard? I’ve ordered today an Logitech Craft Illuminated Wireless Keyboard with an QWERTY US-International Layout because of the Apple keyboards are to stressfully when using F- and Tilde-keys.

It’s a Ducky Shine 7 Gunmetal with Cherry Browns. I have a slight keyboard fetish. Im not normal.

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I’d never seen these Ducky Kybds and I’ve always worked with whatever was available but, after looking at their site, there’s some really cool ones!

I know its ridiculous, but, I looked forever for a mechanical keyboard, 100% size, with adjustable LED backlighting that didn’t require Windows, where the symbols on the numerical keys were also illuminated. I keep my suite pretty dark, and having the keys illuminated really helps me. I had a Razer for a while, but, couldn’t get the Synapse to work with Mac since Catalina, and whilst its nice that is built like a tank, its annoying cuz its build like a tank.

The Ducky 7s also come with some graphic thingies on the space bar which, whilst I admit I wasn’t into at first, the additional light that comes through is actually really helpful for me. If you are patient, then is a great source and you can really hone in on what you are looking for via their amazing search function.

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Wow, also cool. I think my wife would murder me though, because I hammer the keyboard too loud, according to her at least haha

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The Cherry Browns aren’t too bad. They also make a Silent Cherry Red version. Buy her one first. That’s how I did it.

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So far I have one of these keyboards and its been my favorite thus far, plus it looks like an old type writer