We gave away a Lenovo P620 yesterday! Congrats Brooks Tomlinson!

When @randy and I started Logik.tv our dream was to be able to do great things for the Flame community. Late last year Robert Hoffman from Lenovo reached out to Randy and said he loved what we were doing with Logik and asked how he could help. Never shy to shoot for the moon, Randy asked him to give us a fully loaded P620 - a dream machine to run Flame on. It took a few months, but Robert delivered on his promise!

Every week on Logik Live I thank our Patreon patrons for supporting what Randy and I are doing here. They’ve enabled us to expand the forum and create content in ways that we never thought would have been possible. When the P620 showed up we knew exactly what to do with it - We were gonna give it away as a thank you to one of our Patrons.

Yesterday on Logik Live we gave that fully loaded P620 to Brooks Tomlinson! @Brooks exemplifies the spirit of the Logik community - generous with his time and always willing to share knowledge and lend a hand. Enjoy the machine, Brooks, and continue to make great things and share them with the community!

We’re looking forward to many more days like this, and from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank our Patrons, our sponsors, Robert @ Lenovo and everyone out there who helps make Logik.tv the amazing place that it has become.

Flame on! :fire: :heart:

Andy & Randy


Amazing. Congrats again Brooks!

: )

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Is there a link to the machine he won for those of us curious about price and performance? Would love to know more. Thanks!



Incredible stuff again guys.

Robert Hoffman at Lenovo hooked us up with:

Lenovo P620
AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3975wx
1TB Internal

Same spec machines have benchmarked in the 4:15 range on the Flame Benchmark.


Wowza @Brooks, great piece of kit you have! Loved your Logik presentation btw on the office rejig thingamajig…