LensFlare footage for a Dissolve

Hello forum

I would like to make a transition between two segements (on a second track of the timeline), but not a simple dissolve but using a LenseFlare and blend that on top of both clips/segments.

Are there such LensFlares for free available? And what is the preferred file format for such a footage?



You can make them in Action. Add a Light, then add a Preset and choose lens flare. I’m sure there is a relevant Grank Kay video somewhere that covers it.

Thank’s for the reply! Yes there are relevant Grank Kay video’s, but the GUI of Flame 2021 looks a little bit different…

Therefore went to Batch → Alt+2 → Spacebar+Tab and typed “light”. Instead of the “Light”-Node,
(like shown in Grants tuts) “Light Wrap - Matchbox” was found.

But hitting the enter key (while the “Light Wrap - Matchbox” is highlighted, nothing happend…

Is “Light Wrap - Matchbox” really the way to go?

Thank you!

In Batch you can use an Action node. In Action you can drag the preset node into action, select lens flares in the lower left part of the ui and there are a bunch of presets you can use.

Probably you also need to softwipe / mask one shot to the other and on top of it place the lens flare.

In short there isn’t a one button solution.
good luck!