Flame Fundamentals - Module 6 - Transitions

Hi Everyone!

Module 6 of the Flame Fundamentals for Beginners has been posted on YouTube.

These two videos cover how to create transitions between two shots.

Video 1 covers the basics of creating a cross dissolve and tweaking it. You’ll also cover fades and dips to colour.

Video 2 continues with how to use wipes, Action Transitions and transitions using shaders or OFX. You’ll also learn how to load presets for instant use!


Is there any way you can choose the placement of a dissolve before you add it? For instance, I keep my default at After Cut, but occasionally I want it before. To add a dissolve, I type the duration in the keypad and hit the dissolve hotkey. After I add the dissolve, sometimes I need to change it to Up to Cut, but it is most annoying when I need to change the length also because there was not enough space to add the dissolve at the length I want after the cut.

Hi Tim,

Obviously you can set the duration before the dissolve as you stated but the default behaviours are all driven by the preferences.

Unless Fred knows something, I don’t think there is a way to change the transition positioning just before you add it.



Hmmm. I wonder if there is a python solution for this.

I cannot find of any trick to help you on this. Also, there is no access to the transition in the Python API.

In my experience the prefs never work and always default to up to cut. What I mean by this is if you have an element on the timeline and I wish to add a dissolve which starts from the cut and continues after the element I always have to do it manually.

I’ve given up on having from cut as the default as 50% of the time I want to change it so now I leave it as center and this way it will take the handles from any direction

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