License question - hold?

Hello -
I only just set up my Flame at home recently, and was wondering if Autodesk ever lets users pause their license? I only used a week of my second month and am now booked on a job that I am vpn-ing into for quite a while. I’d love to use a little time when I get a break to learn the latest features of the newer releases. So not really looking to save up for actual production work, but just continuing ed.

Curious if anyone has tried this…


I’m not aware of any license pauses. I wish we could do away with the Monthly and go with a Token System. Like, I want access to Flame and Flare. Flame is 18 tokens a day, Flare is 6 tokens a day. I want to buy 250 tokens of IFFFS licensing for $250, and use Flame for my spots and Flare for my shots. This would help my cash flow tremendously, and give me access to the right tool for the right job.

I like this idea.

You may remember this but when smoke was first introduced there was an attempt at a licensing scheme whereby individual modules could be licensed (DVE, CC, Paint, etc) and sold separately, and the theory of the sales guys was that folks could just pay for what they needed. This was short-lived, as smoke didn’t do very much in those days and you sort of needed all of it in order to be effective (plus installing licenses was a giant pain), but your idea seems like a much smarter version of that.

If I have a company asking me to VPN to their box I generally urge them to let me work remotely as I will operate much faster on my home setup than through web. It is inevitable that there will be some issues be it with audio or video playback, hotkeys, etc. If all else fails I generally take the hit on the license, it unfortunately comes with the territory sometimes.