Flame "No Internet Connection" - "Required Connection to Autodesk could not be established" Single User Login

Hi, I’m awaiting more support from a Tier 2 Tech from Autodesk but I thought I would ask the forum if anyone else has had this issue.

When I went to open flame yesterday, I got an error that there was no internet connection so I couldn’t login using my single-user login. However, my network hasn’t changed and all other apps can reach the internet no problem.

I used the AdskLicensingSupportTool with --checkurls and it was able to reach all the required URLs without a problem.

I installed the latest AdskLicensing Client and I actually reinstalled Flame as well with no luck. I also tried changing my DNS to as well.

If anyone has seen this or has any other suggestions while I await more support from Autodesk I would love to try them.

Edit: Forgot to mention I’m on Rocky Linux Flame 23.0.1


This is the nightmare that I expected when Montreal was forced by ADSK to abandon FLEXlm.

FLEXlm was so friendly to users… your reseller could issue a temp license to get you through a tight weekend delivery or otherwise unusual circumstance. Highly appreciated for those off-hours and non-standard sessions we deal with in service to our clients.

Now we’re lumped in with all the AutoCAD and Revit users whose use-cases bear zero relationship to how we work.

Thanks for nothing, Andy

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On the occasions I have lost the internet, I just get a small window bottom right saying I have 30days use left.

Yea I would have expected something like that 30 days or at least 10 days but who knows. Still awaiting Tier 2 support for this issue. its very strange…I’m tempted to reinstall Rocky Linux from scratch but I had a few little tricky issues when I first installed it that I got past (with help from the logik community!) that I don’t want to have to deal with again if possible. Luckily I’m not in a bind right now with projects in Flame due this week but I would like to get this solved ASAP.

Hi @gsedory99,

Out of curiosity, did you try to Reset Licensing in Flame Setup before launching Flame?


Hey Yann, yes i did reset my license. before i reset it I was getting a different page that just said “connect to internet”. Still the same result though.

Plain Awful.
I can’t imagine what it would feel like to tell your own client that you can’t work on their job for this silly reason.

I hope ADSK get this resolved for you ASAP.