Links of older version of Flame for download?

Need to install Flame 2022.3 for Mac (M series chip) to cooperate with another house remotely but can’t find link from Autodesk. Anyone can kindly give me a hint?

I remember used to see a list of different versions for download but today only one portal direct me to 2025, and Google didn’t brought me any luck…

Hopefully I can support remotely during this weekend or I need to take a long trip…Thanks in advance!

No sympathy for anyone running a 3 year old version of Flame.


Login into your account on Autodesk, navigate to my products, find Flame:

Google (or any search engine) can’t index pages behind logins. It’s also not as good as it used to be.

Does 2022 run on m series?

Umm no

Oh, maybe yes

But I’m with Alan…

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2022.3 was the first release to run on the M series.


Here it is!!
Much appreciate for the guiding! Wish you a great great weekend!