Exporting timeline segment descriptions and names

Hello. I can’t find the post from several weeks ago about this, but I had inquired about exporting timeline segment data to a .csv or .exl, etc. in order to create a shot list from a timeline — segment names and descriptions.

Any tips? Thanks.

*Segment number, name and description.

Can you get anything from the conform tab :thinking:

Or this :thinking:

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Hey thanks Richard – this looks like exactly what the doctor ordered. However I’m unable to get it to run without an error “Script path is incorrect. Please reinstall script. Script path should be: /opt/Autodesk/shared/python/script_template”

That path is where I dropped the extracted .zip of Shot Sheet Maker from Dropbox. I’ve tried running it both with and without extracting the .tgz of the Excel script.

Any thoughts?

@MikeV might know the exact meaning of the error but I think it uses an Excel template and injects your data into it. Is the script_template excel doc in that location :thinking:

I had this script a good while back but we use NiM to generate shot sheets so I wouldn’t know its quirks. Sorry @GPM

EDIT: I have no idea what this means. I see that the dropbox page has a script_template but this might be a catch all error message. (Dropbox - _SCRIPT_TEMPLATE - Simplify your life)

Looks like a typo on my part. The path in that error should be:


I just updated it on the Portal and Dropbox so this error will now show the correct path.

@GPM After you unzip the file from Dropbox to /opt/Autodesk/shared/python your folders should look like this. Do not untar the xlsxwriter-3.0.3.tgz file. The script will handle that the first time you run it.

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Thanks Mike. I’m having no luck. Is the xlsxwriter.tgz supposed to be extracted before launching Flame?
I put shot sheet maker folder in the shared/python/ folder. I’m still getting the same error.

I must be doing something wrong somewhere…

looks like the shot sheet maker folder is missing underscores. It should be shot_sheet_maker.

With a little further investigation I found out the script I’ve been using to automatically copy scripts over to dropbox after they’ve been added to the Portal has been taking out the underscores in the folder names. I’ve gone through and fixed all the folder names so this error should happen anymore.

Gotta fix the script now so that doesn’t happen in the future…

Thanks a bunch, Mike – I got it working. This script is already so helpful.

I wonder if it’s possible to translate certain TL segment metadata into its own column in xls. For instance, we like having a left column of “Shot #”, then a column of “Start frame” (the start frame of the segment in the TL) and “Shot length”. Is it conceivable that this data could create its own columns in the xls?

Yea, if you click on Edit Column Names and change the name to any of the following names it will put that info into the columns:

Shot Name
Source Name
Source Path
Source TC
Source TC In
Source TC Out
Record TC
Record TC In
Record TC Out
Shot Length
Source Length

Right now it doesn’t get the start frame within a timeline, but I’ll see if that’s something I can easily add.

Wonderful! Thanks so much.

Does the “comment” field come from marker descriptions?

That was a feature I requested!

If you right click on a segment in the timeline, there’s a “Comment” option.
That’s what the Comment field pulls from.
I think I used it to store the original camera file name.


Thanks Ted!

Since we are between friends, let me share a secret with you!
-Open the sequence
-Go to Conform
-Select the columns you would like to be part of an exported file
-right click on the columns header
-select Export (the option is located at the bottom of the drop down)
-an XML file is waiting for you!


Thanks Stephane! We will try this.

What about converting the XML to a csv or xls that can be imported into Google Sheets?