Live Preview bug

Tearing my hair out…
I am on Flame 2023.2, and my batches today are suddenly playing up, all was fine yesterday.
When I am in action for example, I add a layer and I can only see the layer if I toggle the 3D on, when I put it back to Live Preview, the layer disappears? If I press Preview, the same, nothing.
If I pull out a gmask, draw a shape, then view the Matte, there is no white mask, just black.
All my batches were using 2K plates, but today my back plate was 8K. This could be something? Problem is, the batches I did yesterday using 2K are also exhibiting the exact same problem. I have done the usual closing down and coming back in, but no good…
Any ideas?

It might be that you need to go to the action output menu and select the comp. Pressing 1. Then F4 should do it also. This issue happends when you come from a gmask tracer over to action

Hmm, I tried that but no it must be something else, thanks though.

have you tried creating a new user profile?

sounds weird but is often the quickest cure!

Corrupt Action Output? Try deleting and re-creating the Action Outputs?

Wait…8k vs 2k? Are you debayering?

Yep, new project and a new user. Didn’t help.

I took the shot into a new project in 2022.3 instead, and re-did the work and no issues at all.
Weirdly, if I go back to the 2023.2 project and open the other two shots first, they work as expected. But, as soon as I go into the problem batch for that shot, and then back to the two that were ok, they are now displaying the same problem? Exiting Flame, going back in, and straight to one of the two ‘ok’ shots and they work again?