Logik Artist Spotlight: Paco

Meet Paco, AKA, @snacks from Boulder, Colorado. Paco has a background in advertising and broadcast television, but his true passion lies in Autodesk Flame. He has always been drawn to the world of Flame and has been actively seeking ways to break into Flame full-time. He’s worked for a few colleagues of mine performing paint and roto and could use a few more opportunities.

For Paco, becoming a Flame Artist is more than just a career choice. It’s a personal mission that has been inspired by a family member’s battle with Alzheimer’s, serving as a reminder that life is short and complex, and pursuing our passions is always worthwhile, no matter when or how we begin.

Paco is a lifelong learner and has tinkered with Combustion, Shake, and Nuke, but it’s Flame where he feels at home. He was one of the first artists to join Logik Academy Pro, where he has been actively engaged in learning and expanding his skills. He is definitely one of our hungriest tigers.

As Flame Artists, we all care about our legacy, and that includes supporting and encouraging new talent. I have no doubt that Paco will make a valuable contribution to any team as a talented and motivated junior Flame Artist. He is skilled in cleanup, screen comps, and more.

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You can reach him at www.heypa.co

Every now and then, Logik will help aspiring Flame Artists with some social media love. Drop me a line if you’d like some next time.


I really appreciate this initiative.


Thank you so much to @randy and all the incredible, inspiring flame artists who call Logik home. You have all inspired me through your thoughtful assistance, you’ve let me learn on your backs as you troubleshoot issues or questions and given me the guts to try to reinvent myself and actually do something that I’m passionate about. I can’t express how awesome this Logik journey has been. I’m glad that I stumbled on the Facebook group and someone let me in. It’s changed me.