Logik Benchmark Development

Looking into creating a Logik Benchmark for flame.

lets use this Thread to talk about how / what /

My rough Idea…

  1. Have multiple people contribute real world batch setups without media (replaced with flame generated sources). If we can get a good spread of like 10 setups, we should cover many real world scenarios.

  2. add specific Benchmark batches, one that focuses on GPU, one that focuses on CPU, so again just to get a spread

  3. Trigger all the batches in a project using python, which also records the time it took to render all batches, ideally with splits.

  4. Create a website under Logik where people can enter benchmark results that will show a ranking e.t.c , maybe it can be auto-submitted with basic system info right from python (might be a legal issue with data collection…)

I think there should be a working group of like 3-4 People that split the tasks between them, so anyone wants to join getting stuff done! :slight_smile: But lets first discuss if this is a way to go and if we even need this, I think we do.


This is a great idea.


I can prepare a setup for particles. It’s weird that my 2017 MacBookPro sometimes can render particles faster than the P620 at the office.

I’ve noticed that too, maybe a linux vs mac thing?


with a benchmark - we will be able to find out :sunglasses: