Submit your favorite Batch/Archives to the Logik Portal, our very own Python Scripts, Batch Setups, Archives Repository

Hiya guys,

Our very own @MikeV has built the Logik Portal for our community. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, ya gotta have this in your toolbelt. It is a GitHub repository of Python Scripts, Matchbox Installers, Batch Setups, and small Flame Archives that you can access after installing a single Python script.

We’ve already got a few great assets up there but could use some more. @Sinan and @AntonisNtelis just uploaded some of their particle presets, @digitalbanshee has her Object Obliterator up there, @ytf has his famous Fluid Morph that he demo’d a few years back, and @john-geehreng has a handy dandy scanline measuring tool. We’ve also got the Flame Benchmark Archive in the Archive tab, as well as a pretty blackbelt UV Unwrap submission featuring @cnoellert, @lewis and @DannyYoon .

It looks like this…

In order to have access to it, visit and follow the instructions. Its just a Python script you download and unzip into opt/Autodesk/shared/python. Python scripts, batch setups, and archives can be submitted by using the submit button in the respective tab within the Portal. Currently Archives are limited to 200mb. A github repository also exists for all portal python scripts here: GitHub - logik-portal/python_scripts: Python Scripts for Flame

Once installed, you can access the Logik Portal from within Flame, like so…

For each asset type, there is a Submit button where you can upload your own.


That was quick !


is there any way to access this portal from a non flame environment?
my flame is forbidden to be on the internet :frowning:

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Of course. Linked above is a GitHub repo, here, which you can download and move to your airgapped Flame via your method of choice. These are just python scripts, archives, and batches, so, move them to wherever you want and boom…access.

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