Logik Live #130: Python Scripts and the Uppercut Workflow with John Geehreng

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My guest this week is John Geehreng, Flame Artist from Uppercut in New York. John is coming on Logik Live to show us how he is using Python scripting to automate his workflow. Everything from Project Creation to Shot Publishing, Renaming, Frame.io Integration, Delivery and much, much more! If you’ve ever been curious as to how Python can simplify your Flame workflow you do not want to miss this!

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On this week’s show we gave away two prizes: A 1 year license of Optics from BorisFX and a one month credit for Logik Academy Pro!

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Post-show, we’ll get together with John on Zoom to dive deeper into python, workflow, and more exclusively for our Patreon Patrons. If you’re keen on supporting Logik, accessing exclusive content, and earning a Challenge Coin, consider becoming a Patron at Logik.tv | creating the ultimate community for Autodesk Flame Artists | Patreon.


Hi Andy,

None of the links seem to be working for this morning’s show.




same here @andymilkis

Sorry guys. Not sure what happened. It’s live on YouTube now.

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All good @andymilkis! It popped up on my Youtube page anyways.