Logik Matchbook and the Legacy of Logik

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Hi Community/Autodesk

Now that Mark Doney and Ivar Beer have sadly died one wonders what will become of their legacy? It’s made me also contemplate the median age of our community: is it constantly rising? Is there any new blood coming through? There seem to be gizmo’s galore in the nuke community and no sign of any slowdown.

I suppose in an ideal world I’m hoping that Autodesk has a plan for the Ivar and Mark shaders and a continued development of them because they’re pretty useful and it would be sad to see them go. I have absolutely zero skill with glsl.


A few thoughts.

First, @julik continues to host and administrate Logik-matchbook.org. So, that isn’t going anywhere. And if it does for any reason, ‘Logik will find a way.’ Trademark that.

Second. The very beauty of Matchbox shaders, unlike traditional plugins, is that they never, ever expire or are unrenderable. The code, once it hits a Batch or BFX or composite, shall live on forever and render exactly as it did upon its install forever. I find great comfort in the notion that Mark and Ivar’s legacies are scattered throughout the world as little ones and zeroes and will continue to be passed along the digital highways and byways in a unique version of spreading ashes.

Third. There continues to be a small but powerful community of shader writers and developers within our community. Since Flame is a speciality of a speciality of a specialty, and writing tools for Flame is another few exponential specialities removed, it will always be just a handful in size. That’s just pretty much the nature of that skillset. It is up to us to support and lift those that have and continue to celebrate the shader writers and python devs, many of which are members of and active in this community.

Fourth. I’m under the impression that Autodesk has nothing to do with Ivar and Mark’s legacy. We do. They are and will forever be one of us. Autodesk has set the table, but it has been our community that has delivered a rich and robust ecosystem that helps make our weird worlds of futzing with pictures that much better. Think of how we have risen and who has elevated our community in just the last few years alone?

Fifth. It is up to all of us to contribute. And I’m not talkin’ 'bout the obvious contributions here. You don’t need to have written a darn thing to have supported this community. Entering a OFoW, is sufficient. Attending a Logik Live is sufficient. Demonstrating a new technique to a comrade is sufficient. Taking a junior artist under your wing is more than sufficient. Liking a post is sufficient. Just showing up here is sufficient. Installing someone’s plugins is sufficient. Reaching out to someone and saying thanks for sharing their Python tools is sufficient. Inviting a friend to our young community is sufficient. All of these don’t require much. The only thing it requires is for each and every one of us to, pardon my French, give a shit. Just a little bit.

Sixth. This is a critical time for our community. Part of my remit for Logik and this forum was to provide a long term platform to connect artists, protect our collective knowledge and experience, and, most importantly, to make the world a better place for people that one day want to do what we do. I think we know better than anyone that in order for something to be done and done properly it really should be someone’s job to do it. Amazing things get started by collective generosity, but, are typically only perfected by consistent and daily effort. AKA, a job.

I have a ton of really crazy ideas. Wouldn’t it be nice if…

…we had access to a part-time Matchbox Dev?

…we had access to part-time Python Dev?

…we had access to a part-time systems administrator?

…we had access to a part-time business developer for freelancers?

…we had access to a part-time accountant?

…we had access to a part-time legal counsel?

…we had access to a part-time career counselor?

…we could provide financial grants to underserved members of our community?

…we could provide donated and/or subsidized hardware and software for training and development of new artists?

…we could provide a training, education and certification platform for our artists?

If one or some of these are appealing, then, what is it worth? What does the community need and what are each of us willing to do to get it?


It was mentioned in another thread that someone would be willing to chip in a few dollars for more support. How does everybody else feel about that?


Also, maybe more of us should look into creating some matchbox shaders.
We probably just need more of a guide.
Just looked at this


I do totally think we should be able to chip in toward this amazing community. But I do love how egalitarian it is so far where anybody at any level can show up and feel welcome. I would suggest doing something that doesn’t explicitly limit the experience of non-paying members.


Do what the podcasters do, and start a https://www.patreon.com account. That way people that can chip in will, and people that can’t don’t have too. I am a base subscriber for Tech news today, and the patreon is very easy.

Well that’s my two cents.


I had had the same idea. We should at least try our hand at developing matchboxes.


Well said. That should never change.

Well, one way to honor someone is to build upon their legacy.

I could use some help. Is someone willing to step forward to be an evangelist of sorts, to organize the community a bit?

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And does anyone know Erwan Leroy, and can invite him here?

It would be worth having some kind of “matchbox wishlist” that people could add to and vote for, both so any enterprising individuals can attempt to build them, and so that people could be informed if there are current matchboxes or tools that would accomplish the goal.

(I suggest this as someone who is the Babe Ruth of asking for things that already exist in the software)


I am officially volunteering for the following, no Patreon needed:

part-time Matchbox Dev
part-time Python Dev
part-time systems administrator

I’ve always really enjoyed teaching and the giving of knowledge. I didn’t learn this stuff in a bubble. And … Mr. admin here has created a forum that is worthy of support. I am usually booked as f$!k, but I would do my best to contribute. This forum is a breath of fresh air. From a shader standpoint, the wishlist idea is a good one. I have all the shaders that I need, so I’d say we need a human with ideas for shaders. I have a lot of python doodles that serve me very well, but I’m not allowed to share them. But I could rewrite them. I’d give a few examples if you care. -M


Into it!

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i would chip in. totally.


Hi Miles. What are the examples you’re thinking of?

Yeah - would be nice to combine Flame Marks and Ivars Matchboxes into a classic Matchbox set. Neither Alan nor I can do coding but maybe we could help some other way? Hosting the code on our Github maybe? Or maybe we make up a new Github that is accessible to the whole community? It would be nice to pay tribute to both Mark and Ivar by keeping their work available and useable.


If I’m recalling correctly, the Flamemark shaders were a for-profit business that Mark was charging for. Whilst I am aware of a few different possible scenarios regarding the future of Flamemark shaders, I have not officially heard so will not disclose anything nor speculate, and I kindly ask the community to do the same.

In regard to @ivar’s shaders, they are still hosted at http://logik-matchbook.org by our very own @julik, as well as shaders developed by (from memory, forgive me if I’ve missed any of you!) @Ashby, Brian Mulligan, @lewis, @julik, @miles, et al.

The good news is, nothing is in danger at the moment. The other good news is the ultimate tribute, for me, would be to build upon their legacies and to make something great.

The first step is for us to solidify a forever home from which to build. That is happening. Whilst we have always thought that one day we’d turn off Facebook Logik, that’s still up in the air. I’m off of Facebook so can’t tell for sure, but the last time we pulled statistics, overall Facebook Logik traffic had dropped by close to 50%, based on the last time I checked 60 days ago or so. Is that something we chose to do? If so, when?

The second step is to look for the helpers. That is also happening. Many have stepped forward offering their time, expertise, and, some are willing to donate time or money or resources. Sounds like you @Jesse and @ALan are stepping forward as well. Amazing.

The third step is to figure out what the heck our community needs and wants. That’s taking shape a little bit, as we slowly begin to orgnanize the collective hive and mindset.

The fourth is to do something about it. In the coming days and weeks I’ll start to dive in a bit and figure out what some possible solutions might look like.

In the meantime, let’s start with the basics and make sure that this community has the reach it needs to get what it wants…please share this invite…


…and no doubt more helpers will come forward.


reposting this generous contribution from @miles, who do we pester to add them to the existing matchbox site?


silly tedious stuff. for instance if I need a dated reel, folder or folder on the filesystem I click make dated folder. It makes it my naming convention, but could be easily changed to suite one’s needs. I master a very specific way as well as conform. I have one that set ups those procedures for me. I have one that cleans up the stupid names we get from editorial. on and on and on. Stuff like that. I have crazing ones that will for instance you click a slate, a countdown and a edit and it puts the slate on the countdown and inserts the countdown where it should be on the edit, then renames the edit to the isci. Talkin about a time saver. That would be an example of one I couldn’t share as I was paid to make it. But it’s an idea.


Here is how one shares Matchboxes.

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