Logik Portal:Error

I downloaded and installed the latest version of Logik Portal 5.6.1, opened Flame Main Menu → Logik → Logik Portal, and then an error message appeared.My computer network is normal and there are no errors
截屏2023-08-31 11.14.35

We have exactly the same issue on one of our flames.
Hopefully someone has a cure.

The server had a lot HTTP 500 errors in recent days. I mentioned it to Julik in email on something else, and he said a server upgrade is needed, and he hopes to get to in September.

I’m assuming the server is getting hit hard by some bots, as it comes and goes. The shady side of the Internet. Hardening servers against the ilk of the Internet can be a full time endeavor unfortunately.

If you get the above error, try going to https://logik-matchbook.org/ and see if it loads.

This URL can be loaded