I’ve written a toolset that I plan to release to the community.

I think it’s production ready.

The toolset is called LOGIK-PROJEKT.

I’m looking for some brave souls to test the toolset in their environment, and contribute to the future improvement.

Some of you have already been generous enough to humor me, watch previews, and endure protracted, expletive-filled quantities of “Phil MAN-splaining”.

LOGIK-PROJEKT encompasses:

  • simplified flame projekt setup and templating for collaborators
  • openclip workflow
  • asset management practices and strategies
  • color management practices and strategies
  • python tools for flame projekts
  • archive practices, strategies and automation capabilities
  • backup practices, strategies and automation capabilities
  • collaboration with other dcc tools (script creation and openclip integration)

LOGIK-PROJEKT works well for single artists, small and large teams.

There are few pre-requisites; the most significant one is that you are running flame 2025 or above.

LOGIK-PROJEKT has been developed on a 15 year old z820, Rocky Linux 9.3 and minimum of flame 2025.

Reach out if you want to view or try the tools and validate the workflow.


Phil MAN


I’ve seen what @philm has put together here and it’s MINDBLOWING. We’re gonna do a Logik Live soon so he can show it off, but it’s like a Pipeline for the Common Man :grinning:. If you’ve ever thought about taking advantage of features like open clips, publishing, pattern browsing, command line archiving and color management but found them intimidating, then you should give his Projekt a look!


Thank you for the praise brother.
I appreciate you.

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I’ve taken this for a spin myself and it’s wonderful. So many cool things, from a nicer default colors palette to open clips and pattern browsing working correctly without having to do anything.

It’s excellent.


Thank you brother.
I appreciate you.

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I also saw the demo.

I will totally jump on this and help as best as I can with the houdini/nuke stuff, @milanesa will have to see this too, ghis could be the start of something extremely great!

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Thank you, brother, for the messages of support.
I appreciate you.

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I have not seen the demo or heard about this, until now. But from what I read and hear this is going to be amazing. I’m always on the lookout for ways to better myself and my workflows.

I definitely will be jumping on. 2025, here I come…


What a lovely challenge/endorsement from such a legend in our community.
Thank you for the optimistic words Sinan.
I appreciate you brother.

The demo and accompanying lengthy conversation was outstanding. Looking forward to putting it into action.

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Loving the idea and looking forward seeing it in use.


Same, looking forward to see this projekt.

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I would love to see a demo!

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@philm as we’ve spoken about, I’m in. We’ve got a Logik Live coming up to showcase and apparently there now should be a Logik Academy Pro class called Man-splaining.


@randy - Thank you for the support and encouragement brother.
I appreciate you.

I’ve been Man-splained on the Logik-Project and what @philm has crafted has sooo much “there” there.

It’s comprehensive, but what’s more exciting for me at least, is that this is just the beginning. There’s so many amazing things that could come to fruition from community involvement and building forward from this foundation.

Well done Phil.


@cnoellert - Thank you for the blessing brother.
I appreciate you.


It’s almost 13:00 here in California.
Would anyone like to do a 30 minute zoom viewing session this afternoon?

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Yes! It’s 10PM here. Perfect for a night class.

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I’d be interested to see what have you done.