Losing renders after deleting empty tracks

I have rendered a very render-intensive layer on my Timeline consisting of Timeline FX segments, but then realised that there are a few empty layers below that are just taking space and I don’t need them. When I deleted them, the whole layer became unrendered. Why is that? Is there any way to delete empty tracks not affect the render on the layer above? Or am I now stuck with empty layers?

Also, if I want to move some of the clips down onto a track below, the same thing happens. I don’t change the clips, just move them down.

It’s a pain, this. Instead of drag + drop selection, use nudge:
SHIFT+ALT+arrow keys (smoke hotkeys)

Thank you, I will try this.

If you have Action timeline effects and have “Use Back” turned on it will unrender when you remove tracks below. If you aren’t comping with Action turn this off.


I’ve got this setting off, but it still unrenders clips on empty track deletion.