M1 MacBook Pro with external Monitor

hey guys,

I have now connected the EIZO CS2740 to my M1 MacBook Pro via Thunderbolt/ HDMI.
The monitor is the main screen and the MacBook runs as the second screen. If I now want to activate my HDMI monitor in the Preferences in the Flame software, the entire software freezes. Even if I use the Macbook as the master and the EZZO is slave, the same thing happens.
Now Flame won’t start at "VIDEO PREVIEW: Initialising window ( free run mode) ".

Do you have a tip how I can fix the problem? It would be the Key feature to work with the MacBook Pro as “reference” Monitor and on a separate 24"-31" Monitor for the Main work and UI.

Thank you and best regards to all.

We are currently working on supporting this configuration. I can’t provide any ETA at this time, but we hope to make this available soon.

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Hello and thank you for your answer.
At least one external monitor is running now. MacBook Pro is now the main screen and the HDMI monitor is second.

After playing with the display settings and other cables.
But only directly with HDMI.
Maybe it was a combination of Dockinstation/ Thunderbold adapter/ Monitor Cables. But it would be nice if that really changed in the future. Now I have to work with the 16" screen…it’s really annoying…but least I am mobile.