Second monitor

Is it possible to run a second computer monitor that all it does, when in flame, will act like a broadcast monitor. I tried it but couldn’t find an option to make the second screen the broadcast. Is it possible?

You’ve been able to do that for a while now… I’ve done it on both Flame and Flare but only on Linux.

Found this though →

Specifically this bit:
To set a Primary monitor on an Mac OS X workstation:

1. Launch the System Preferences.
2. Double-click Display.
3. Select the Arrangement tab.
4. Click and drag the top menu bar onto the monitor you want to set as primary.

Note: By default, dual monitor support is not enabled in Mac OS X Mavericks. To enable dual monitor support, do the following:

1. Launch the System Preferences.
2. Double-click Mission Control.
3. Disable “Displays Have Separate Spaces”.
4. Log out and log back in.

Flame Assist can now use both displays.

You must also configure the Wacom tablet to work either only with the primary monitor or both monitors.

and then the Wacom bits:
To configure the Wacom tablet in dual monitor setup on Mac OS X, do the following:

1. Launch System Preferences.
2. Double-click Wacom Tablet.
3. Select the Display Toggle tab.
4. Select the Monitor 1, Monitor 2 or Both, based on your desired setup.

Note: This can also be achieved using the Alt + Shift + Tab keyboard shortcut.

but it can’t use it like a broadcast display. I tried all of that. just had some media panel stuff or scopes.

I just gave it a go here with my MacBookPro and and LG 4k.

First went into displays and made the MacBook the primary display:

Then made some adjustments to the LG:

Then ran up flame, didn’t make any config adjustments, into broadcast prefs ad selected DVI/HDMI Output.

Audio appears to play through as well. This is on Monterey in Flame 2022.3. Now a smarter person can explain why the pointer span hotkey doesn’t work on Flame–it keeps wandering into the broadcast monitor.

I haven’t tried it with a Wacom… perhaps there’s no workaround for mouse.

ahah - that’s the bit im missing - the broadcast monitor gets a new option. I was just looking in the flame setup menu. I will try. thanks.

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can it only work over the hdmi out? or can it work over the thunderbolts into a second thunderbolt display?

I’ll give it a go tomorrow @Jonhollis when my new dock arrives. This one only has HDMI.

John, the « HDMI/DVI » label is misleading (outdated). This option will work fine on Thunderbolt (and Display Port) as well.


Excellent. Thanks.