3 monitors

Has anyone figured out how to change monitor order on the Mac yet?

This is the ideal order.
Monitor (1 eizo) home / flame UI.
Monitor (2 PVM) is automatically used as the broadcast monitor by flame.
Monitor (3 eizo) is another desktop.

the problem is I cannot force the mac to assign Monitor (2) to my PVM as soon as I plug in another monitor.

as soon as I plug in another monitor / eizo to use as another desktop for email and whatnot it gets assigned in the (2) spot. The (2) spot is used by flame as default broadcast monitor and cannot be changed from what I can tell.

No matter what order I turn the monitors on or where they are connected as soon as I plug in a third monitor, the Mac boots my broadcast monitor PVM to the third spot. surly this order can be chosen or edited somehow. Is there a new app or piece of software that lets you assign numbers to your monitors?

I don’t know if this is the answer, but on my laptop I can set the external monitor to the main display and every time that display is on the laptop screen becomes secondary.

I’d like to think there’s something like that, but you’re probably miles past that already.

Sadly that won’t work.

What would work is if Autodesk let you choose what monitor to use for broadcast
What would also work is if Apple would let you assign a specific monitor a specific input number
What would also work is a AJA or BlackMagic if you wanted to spend the money
What would also work is if you just gave up on this profession and chose to raise a specific species of fatty Ant that’s particularly robust in not only flavor but proteins as well.

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Option D, definitely.

yes you need to add in the flame environment variable DL_QT_FORCE_SCREEN=1
that changes the UI to one of the other screens I imagine if you change it the number switches the monitors.

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Add environment variable say what?

in the flame setup, last tab

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