M1 Max or M2?

I need a new laptop that can do laptop things and also run flame: on the machine and remote via pcoip. I know I’ve heard great things about apple studio but I really need portability as well as bloody good. I’ve used the last Intel Mac Book with 64 GB to run flame and it wasn’t bad except for paint being a bit slow to render.

Any experience out there with the M1 Max?

Gotchas to consider or is it all pretty damn good?


I’ve got the 16" Macbook Pro w/ M1 Max and 64 gig of ram. I like it.

It does crash noticeably more than my trashcan did, or linux flames. I put in a support ticket with Autodesk and they came back with “set your memory and GPU allocation to 80%” which i believe helped. On the bright side of more crashing, it seems to happen in similar situations so by saving regularly I didn’t lose a ton of work.

Considering the M2 chips are topping out with a 10 core GPU right now vs the 32 core GPU in the M1 Max, I think the M1 Max is the best option right now for a laptop.

I worked on this spot on said laptop over the last two weeks.


My god - I don’t understand the advert - but thank you for the advice.


I have the same laptop as @andy_dill. It has been working very well for me. Flame is as fast on it as it is on my 28 core 2019 Mac Pro.

Same boat as @andy_dill and @dcrites. M1 Max maxed out and it’s pretty much perfect for what you’re looking to do.

I use it mostly with Remote Boost to the Linux flame at the office but more and more have been using it for shot work, conforms and general cleanup with one of those nifty OWC thunderbolt to NVME enclosures. It’s impressive.

Mine feels pretty stable but admittedly I don’t push it as hard yet as I would the Linux box.

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Impressive meat jiggle.

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Picking this thread up again…thinking of getting a laptop and wonder if anyone is running Flame on the M2 chip?


Not me but the benchmarks would appear that the lowly Mac Mini 2 is faster than 2019 Mac Pros.