M2 max

Hi there,

Is anyone running Flame on M2 max? I am thinking about upgrading my computer? Any thoughts?

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Whilst I don’t know anyone that is running on M2, ain’t nobody complaining about their M1 experience, that’s for sure.

What are you currently rockin’ hardware wise?


It´s running fine on my 16inch MBP M2Max / 64gb. Flame 2022.3, 2024. Samsung T7SSD as framestore.
Haven’t done any heavy jobs on it as it is not my workstation, but it feels like a very competent travel companion.

biggest upgrade imho is upgrading the flamestore to something more solid and faster than a t7

Glyph atom pro would come to mind, not much bigger, bus powered but very solid and fast. The t5 doesnt have great “endurance”

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Is 64 gb A good floor on M1/M2 or 128 would be the base for proper work?

You’re using a T7 as a framestore? are you getting realtime playback?

I would say get as much as you can, mainly because ram is shared with vram


I have no problem playing raw/dpx 12bit 1080p, when in 4k I set my project to QtPro xq then no problem with playback.
Seems to me that the quality of qtpro4444xq is acceptable for most kind of work I do (commercials, always delivered in HD or similar).
With that said, it is for travelling or home education, would not recommend anyone to use a T7 as a framestore for any kind of serious work.
And yes, if I was using my MBP as a workstation I would definitely speck it 128Gb.