Mac Flame using Linux Central Stone and Wire

I am looking to set up a central Stone and Wire server using an old z840 that used to be our main box

A few question coming up for me in the planning stage:

Can the Mac version of Flame take advantage of the stone and wire installed on a linux box?

As we move to 2023 would it make more sense to set up Stone and Wire using Rocky linux as apposed to centOS?

Would a 10 gig network connection strait to the z840 be enough to work in 4k (sdr)?

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Hey @MagicMtn welcome to the forum.

With my limited knowledge of setting up but with experience of using it:
We have a P620 running Rocky and happily serving the iMacPro in the secondary room over 10 Gig. We have an internal IcyDock with 8xSSDs as a Stone.

Most important thing to consider would be if you’re able to run Stone&Wire server on an old Z840, since Flame is not supported on that hardware anymore, as far as I remember.

Theoretically speaking 10Gig should give you 1 GB/sec transfer which would be enough for 4K 10 bit at least, but practically would depend a lot on your network setup.

Again, more knowledgable people will probably chime in…

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Awesome, thanks for confirming that would work…
I watched a video of someone doing the whole thing on a server running Proxmox. That got me thinking the hardware wasn’t as important for the system that just serves up stone and wire.