Stone+Wire via Thunderbolt

Has anyone configured stone+wire between two macs, both running flame 2023 using thunderbolt 3? Is this possible?

You can define your managed Volume on an external drive connected to your mac over TB. Many Flame users do that without any issue.

If you intend to Wire material between your two mac over network, you will need to follow some of our support articles explaining how to configure NFS, like this one:

Keep in my that on macOS, Security & Privacy options will have to be enabled for Flame, its services and probably NFS to have Full Disk Access.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply Slabrie,
Your feedback is helpful but not sure if it is the answer to my question.
I am connecting two macs to each other via TB3. Then in System Settings > Network I configure the new interfaces to be a subnet of two. Could stone+wire be setup to use this network of 2 macs?

yes that works its just using 20gbit thunderbolt networking

With a shorter cable that can occasionally come loose. :rofl:

Thank You!