Flame Not Finding External Drive / Big Sur OS / 2021.2.2

So Big Sur has been fine for me for most of the year, then over the past week or two I’ve started to get this message:

“Stone+Wire Server Not Responding on “Dan’s MBP” is not responding, Connection Refused”.
“Check that the server is running correctly in the service monitor”

So when it’s working correctly, it’s working off of “Dan’s iMac Pro”, and when it can’t find my external it seems to default to “Dan’s MBP”.

Either way, the drive is still usable and connected, but flame is like “hey f* you where is the drive”. I’ve tried restarting services through the service monitor but the only solution seems to be shutting down (not restarting) and firing back up.

Anyone? I’m on 2021.2.2 ( i refuse to go to 2022 for the sole fact that Deform doesn’t work).


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Yeah your host name and networking is likely the culprit. Apostrophes and other non-Linux friendly characters are troublesome for stone and wire.

Are you using DHCP on your network? If you are, that could cause problems too. Stone and Wire needs Static IPs.

I’d open a support case.

Got it. Yeah I have to turn on an VPN Tracker for a show’s SFTP- I wonder if that is messing with it.

See my answer in this thread: Stone and Wire won't start after upgrading to 2021.2 - #5 by Slabrie