Mac OS & Flame bump question

I’m about to bump OS from Catalina to Monterey and Flame from 2022.1 to 2023ish…whatever the latest is.
I’m running an iMac Pro w/ Pegasus R6. I’m guessing this should be a smooth process but as i’m light in the IT department any red flags or cautionary tales would be appreciated.


You should be good to go. One of my systems is an iMacPro, running 12.4 Monterey. Flame 2023.0.1 runs fine on it.

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I just did exactly this on a 2015 iMac and much to my surprise it all went reasonably smoothly. I did end up with a lock on my pegasus after upgrading to 2023.0.1 so enlisted some IT support to fix that. Seems Monterey is a bit more security focused. Good luck!


Phew :sweat_smile:

What version of OS X did you come from @leowoo ?

I needed to update a few things. My NeatVideo OFX, for example, wasn’t compatible with 12.4 (Monterey) but I just went and downloaded the latest from their website.

My machine wasn’t mission critical so I approached the update with the intention of only updating things that stopped working.

10.14 Mojave I think? I assumed this old machine would no longer be supported, but apparently it is!

We have been having great fun with Universal Control in Monterey.

Jackson (the good lady producer indoors) was initially resistant to having her laptop updated but I managed to convince her :grin: