Updating Flame and macOS


would like to update Flame 2021.2 to Flame 2023.3(asap avail at fxphd.com) and from macOS Catalina to Ventura (iMac 64GB).

What should be updated first and is there something special that I should pay attention to?



This will be my first Flame update

I would treat this as if this were your main/only machine.

Start by making a backup of your machine so that you have a clone of where you are now to go back to. I use CarbonClone

My personal preference is a clean install so make sure you have all of your programs listed ready for reinstall.

Wipe the Mac and do a fresh install of the latest supported OS.

Then start installing your programs. I would start with some type of virus protection and then proceed from there.

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  1. Backup
  2. Update macOS
  3. Update Flame

Successful since years here. Good luck :heart:


I agree with @Waldi.

I don’t believe in putting anti virus software on my Flame system. I would like to know how many of you do?

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I currently use Avira Security.

Do you mean to backup the Flame Projects by making an Flame Archive per project?

(not who you are responding to…)

But yes, make a Flame Archive per project. AND backup the /opt/Autodesk folder as well for Python scripts, export presets, and other important goodies you may need just in case.

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Thank’s Randy,

can the new Flame version (installed on a fresh macOS) just be pointed somehow to the project folder on the Flamestore or is it better to restore the Flame archives?

If it was me, I’d restore archives. Based on your experience level, trying this for the first time, definitely archive and restore.

The framestore has all the media, but the /opt/Autodesk folder has ALL the necessary stuff. So, without both, you’re gonna have a bad time.

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