Mac Video Card Rec?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement video card for a 2020 Mac Pro? It currently has a AMD Radeon Pro Vega Duo 32 GB. I know it has a spare slot for a second card, but I don’t know if that makes more or less sense than just replacing it with a new one.

I think my recent problems with caching motion vectors are due to the video card crapping out, and I’m not sure if two cards would help with that or if it just needs a bigger single.

I was also interested into this topic. May be you’ll find the answer in here?

Ha, so it sounds like i should have just slacked AndyD.


In case you’re still figuring things out.
In my Mac Pro I have x2 Vega II (so Duo’esq connected w/fabric link thingy), and have no issues with caching Motion Vectors.
I will note that I did previously have one Vega II and when I got the second one their Driver and ROM or Bios didn’t match even after OS Security updates. I think it’s when I went up to Monterey that the drivers and BIOS all got updated and now match. On Ventura now and all is well so far.

Maybe update to MacOS 13.1 if you haven’t and see if that fixes the issue via the OS and or drive, BIOS updates to the card?
Try the old school unseating and reseating the card?

I’m using an internal raid MVME raid so I have no bandwidth issues when caching the super+crazy large frames for the Motion Vectors.

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[quote=“onlycarlyouknow, post:1, topic:7427”]
are due to the video card crapping out, and I’m not sure if two cards would help with[/quote]

Is there any evidence that the GPU is bad, other than that feature being flaky? I just went through two hardware issues that looked like GPU issues only to be something else in one case, and pilot error in another case. Swapping GPUs is an expensive debugging technique, so I’d look for some additional clues first.