MacOs: Creating a folder with date (and time)

Hey guys,

Maybe I’ve been overlooking something but this morning I wanted to find a shortcut to quickliy create a folder on my mac with current date (and time). I figured this should be very easy to do, no? For some reason I couldn’t find an easy way and ended up with this. (see attachments)

Make sure to allow “shortcuts” to execute scripts in it’s settings/advanced …

Time can ben added by adding: _%H%M to the date…

I can’t imagine there isn’t an easier way to do this… so if anyone knows I’d be keen to learn.


Folder with (11.5 KB)

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@john-geehreng ’s System Folder Python script on the Logik Portal.

Or just create dated folders via tokens upon export.

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I love that one! … but I specifically wanted something outside Flame… :slight_smile:


This is pretty much how I’d do it on the Mac side too, but same - I’d love to see an easier way.

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I use TextExpander for this if I’m working outside of an environment with tokens.

Whenever TextExpander is running, it detects “snippets” in your normal typing and expands them according to the rules you set. For example, I use “;dt” to get the current date and time, formatted like this: 20231006_1320. If I were creating a folder in Finder, I could type “My Great Folder ;dt” as I was renaming the untitled folder and get “My Great Folder 20231006_1320” as its name.

It is yet another subscription, but I keep finding uses for it.

Can’t you just use Automator to make a right click thing?

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