Macroblocking and LongGOP fix

We get a fair bit of poor quality footage shot on bad drone which shows macroblocking, and the LongGOP thing where inanimate should-be-static things ‘update’ (ie change) every few frames. Yuck.

For the macroblocking I normally try adding grain to break up the blocks, then NR - very mixed results.
(Today I even tried tucking this inside a frequency separation, just on the hi-pass - still not great.)

For the LongGOP I normally try Neat, going heavy on the temporal - often good, but not always.

Just wondering if anyone has any other techniques or silver bullets for this kind of stuff?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Just an idea…

Would looking at different outputs of a Separate node provide you with the blocks?

YUV or HSL may have said blocks more apparent in one channel. Then you could smooth out only that channel then combine.

It worked wonders with some underexposed high frame rate shots for me.

Definitely not silver bullet but maybe garlic?

add a bunch of grain. :smiley: