One cool trick for auto stabilize


ever had a shot that refuses to track on frame 1 of an auto stabilize? I do all the time. So today I reversed my footage, tracked that, then un-reversed.

Thought I’d share

Gareth Parry


Don’t you have to set the start frame to 0 in the Auto Stabilizer for it to interpret frame 1 correctly? I might be wrong about this but I swear this worked in the past.

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Hi Randy - you are absolutely correct - set start frame to the frame before FFOA.

I do that every time. This trick helps when the footage has a very fast move on frame 1 which means the tracker can’t get started. Of course you can increase flexibility but my trick avoids the need for that.

Gareth Parry

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Ahh okay cool. Yeah that’s gotten me in the past. Thanks for sharing! Top tip!

I always get frame 1 to be a little off than the rest of the sequence

I think you can avoid that if you always take handles into the BFX/batch.

My frame 1 is always frame 9 if that makes sense?