Making an export preset

Anyone know how to set a specific bits per second on an MP4 export. I want to make a 16mbit youtube preset

I don’t think you can. I use the Baseline RIM 20Mbits. So far no one has complained, but I’ve hesitated with making anything other than review postings. There’s a free app called Media Info. Clients can now “analyze” their mp4’s. Let’s just say, a little knowledge is dangerous.


It would be great if have had a set of presets similar to Media Encoder. ie more english like. Baseline RIM 20Mbits doesnt help when all I want is the highest quality youtube file which is 16mbits for HD

It would be great if we had some more dial-in controls. I’m not using these for deliveries. For one thing, I’ve had several requests recently for CBR, and I have not found any flame preset for CBR. It’s all variable. I know 99% of this makes very little difference when it’s on someones phone, but clients get a bug up their ass about these things. They’re just a herd of note donkeys.

Hey Guys,

You can try this:

Extract this and put the .cdxprof in /opt/Autodesk/mediaconverter/2024.2/profiles/MP4/video/H264 (921 Bytes)

then put this file in /opt/Autodesk/shared/export/presets/movie_file
Logik_16Mbits.xml (1.9 KB)

Once that’s done, you should see this Preset and Profile, but you may have to exit and relauch Flame:

You can also make a copy of the profile (.cdxprof) above and change the bit rate at the end of line 15 and give it a new name. Then you can change the profile and save it as a new preset in the Media Export menu.

Hope this helps.


Should you be in a tight spot, I can recommend shutter encoder. It is a free bit of software. It is an extra step but it is robust.


This is great. Thanks. I knew there had to be a way . . .

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