Mask Blur tool with directional blur?

Anyone know of a Matchbox or otherwise that will produce a mask blur, but with directional/angular blur controls? K_BlurMask is my fave, but only has X/Y controls.


If you build your own you can use the directional blur in the Blur node.

to recap,

  • Combine the plate to be blurred with the matte via a COMP node. Plate goes in the red input, matte goes in the top blue input. This will multiply the image through the matte.
  • plug the COMP node’s outputs into a BLUR node. Any kind of blur will work, but the fill and matte have to be treated equally so leave that “do whatever the fill is doing” button on and don’t wind up the gain if using DoF.
  • Plug those outputs into another comp node, same as you did the first time. Set the incoming status to “PRE-multiplied” (ugh) and the output to “UN-PRE-MULTIPLIED” (we just love prefixes here folks) and this will divide your fill.
  • comp the resulting fill over the original plate using the original matte.

Great - I never knew BlurDirectional was a MaskBlur function. Thanks Tim.

This is a great tip - thank you Andy. Trying it now.

It didn’t used to be. When Sapphire when OFX, made it an attribute of most of the blur nodes.

This is an amazing thing to know. Wish there were a matchbox so the tool travels with the setup to others.

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