MasterGrade 3D LUT Export


I’d like to ask about MasterGrade (IM) please.
Is there any good method to export 3D LUT from a MasterGrade node?
I mean export 3D LUT from each MasterGrade node, not whole Image Effect result.

MasterGrade node has got a great HDR curve feature and I suppose Flame can be used as grading system today (instead of Resolve). Hoever I need to export LUT for other applications; NUKE, RV, Lattice or LUT box.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to export 3D LUTs directly from MasterGrade.
I have created CMS patterns and 3D cube images in Lattice (mac app) and tried to add MasterGrade grading.

I guess this method works nice for a coupple of shot but if there’s a bunch of shots that could be painful and ordeal my patients…


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I’d love that too!
As you said the CMX + lattice can quickly become annoying

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Please submit a General Improvement at for this.


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Thanks! I sent my improvement request to flamefeedback [FI-03074 ]

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