Color Match Matchbox Shader (12.2 KB)
Hi all!

Here I am sharing a matchbox shader I built that applies the color of the first input to the texture of the second input.
Though I would share it since it has come handy for me before.
I you want to use it just to add all glsl files and the xml script in a folder. Then you’ll be able to access it as a matchbox in flame.
Here is also a quick tutorial on how it works and what it does:


Hey @Graziella many thanks for taking the time on the Logik today.
Really nice and helpful.

With your explanations i was able to understand things and (after hours and losts of google:) finally got my first Matchbox converted from CAS shader. :smiling_face: (928 Bytes)

Many many Thanks!


That is amazing @tpo ! Congrats on your first Matchbox! It looks amazing, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


Hey @Graziella, that’s a neat trick, thanks for sharing it.

And again, thanks so much for your logik live presentation, very much appreciated!


Hi @tpo , I was trying to use your matchbox but it doesn’t have any input on flame 2023.2 on mac. It would be awesome if it can work :smiley:

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The color match shader works really well, wow! It’s kinda like frequency separation where all the colour info is in the low freq and the texture in the high… I gotta experiment with using mult/div like this to separate the bands, it looks like it works better when you’re working in linear than the subtracting/adding I used to do. V cool :dizzy:


Same for me. :slight_smile:

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Fantastic tool, thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Tpo Matchbox doesn’t have input on Flame 2024.

Great thx for sharing . Amazing

Hello Graziella,
I just came across this post by chance and am very impressed. this is really a super tool. Thank you!!!
I used to split the area into color and detail in Silhouette, but now I’m using my favorite paint tool in Flame again.
All Best,

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Hi @Graziella ,

I’ve been using your matchbox for a while now and really like this super handy technique.
I play around with the basic setup your sharing in the video and discover that replacing the blur with Ls_dollface create by @lewis ( bluring and increasing edge preservation ) allow to avoid the blur to contaminate the color. Which in the end make this technique even better.
I don’t know what behind lewis matchbox but adding this option to yours could be super cool.

Thanks again for doing this and sharing it.

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