Matchbox shader Help

I’ve just built/hacked my first shader but I have one annoying thing I can’t figure out… How do I get the shader “Canvas Resolution” to default to “Same As Input 1”. Seems all the other shaders do this but mine defaults to “User Defined”



Dunno, but I’m glad to hear someone is working on MX!

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I’d call it more “borrowing” than working. It’s taken me ten days to do something that anyone savvy with glsl would knock out in half an hour!

Well Ivar took a bit to ramp up too, starting from no knowledge…

True. It was his code I borrowed from the most

if any of the logik shaders do what you want, the code itself is visible so you can copy it from there.

…says someone who has no idea if that is useful or obvious or anything.

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@Epouliot have you ever seen this?

Thanks Andy,

That’s most of what I’ve done - copy code. I can’t work out if it’s the glsl file/s or the xml sidecar that’s the issue. I’ve compared it to a few other ‘working’ matchboxes and I can’t see anything different but I have gone a bit crosseyed from all the code - god I thought my eyes hurt staring at pixels all day, coding is something else!

I’ve been there. I tried to make a matchbox that was JUST an XML sidecar to drive variables. It was very difficult for me and I definitely could not do it error free today.

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Me too! I tried the Zigmod thingy years ago, got it working on linux but never on Mac. It always bugged me so I finally decided to get my hands dirty and build a proper matchbox. Its just a clean screen/object obliterator. I use it ALL the time and got sick of stacking multiple little batches together. I’ll share what I have - it works with the option of proportional and seperate X & Y. Need to add a matte shrink.

Mmm, where the upload matchbox button…?


Please tell me about your OBJECT OBLITERATOR.


It’s the batch setup Renee Tymn @digitalbanshee uploaded to the logik portal. I just wanted to package it up into a matchbox so I could stack it like you do in Nuke when building a clean plate. It’s super handy but you may be underwhelmed!


Shoot. I thought it was a cannon.

Sometimes you need a canon, sorry this isn’t one

This is going to be brilliant @drewd

Not a bad matchbox to start you off :+1:

Kudos to you mate.

Have you been dabbling in Python as well?

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I doff my cap to you @drewd ! Thats a worthy achievement.

I was looking at that shaderthing website just the other thinking i had an idea to try…but quickly ran in the opposite direction when i saw just how much i had no clue about…and code? Last time i used code it was BASIC over 30 yrs ago.
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I did a python course over lockdown. Really enjoyed the challenge but damn easy to forget! If anything it’s helped to understand the general logic and structure of coding so looking at glsl, it feels much the same.

Thanks. The biggest achievement for me was persistence. I’m not kidding when I say I know very little maths, I just had to compartmentalise.