Media Location Path Translation not working

Hello. Does anyone know if there have been issues in the current or recent version of Flame with Media Location Path Translation not working?

I’m on 2024.1, both the source and destination paths are external hard drives, any gotchas?
Source path: /Volumes/DriveName/Subfolder/
Destination path: /Volumes/LocalDriveName/Subfolder/

Can’t seem to get Flame to find the footage the way it just sorta works in all the videos.


Permissions issue?

I have the drives set to read/write, not sure if there’s more to that.

what platform are you on?


I’ve had luck in the past with having “Ignore Owner” checked.

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Oh I was so hoping it was that, but didn’t work unfortunately.

I have sadly reached the end of my Mac expertise.

I’ve only been able to get Path Translation to work when archiving/restoring, like this:

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:point_up_2: Worked! Thank you much.


Hello group!

By default, Path Translation for archived content will use the original media location. But if you get an archive coming from another studio and have different path, selecting the Archive Options / Linked Archive Options / Convert To Local Path will do what you are looking for.

Path Translation also works for Conform so if you import XML or AAF, you can create a Path Translation rule so you conform points to the media files.