Storage path translation

Just wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue. I’m on flame 2021.2.1 on Linux.
Whenever I try to do a media location path translation in the storage tab in preferences it doesn’t work. I used to use this all the time when media got moved from faster sans to slower sans when the project was nearing completion. But in this version it’s either broken or there’s something with how the flames have been set up that is conflicting. Just wanted to see if anyone else has found this?

Also ran into this problem. It`s more a “refresh”-problem, because the path-translation works,
the new path is there, but flame does not show its content. Select a clip in your timeline, go into the “Format Options” tab, and scrub the player. Than you should see the content. Problem. You need to do this with every single clip. So not a working solution.

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Thank you Daniel.
I came across this after posting, if I pressed play it’d show every other frame. Realistically it sounds like it’s broken and that unlinking and reconforming is the way to go. Huge sigh when working with hour long shows!

I’ve just archived and restored the project in 2022.2.2 and it works, it seems the storage path translation is broken in 2021.2.1