Medial light

hey all - you probably all know this already just got a media light led strip that goes on the back of your monitor. picked up this from a grading suite. bloody brilliant. really nice calibrated 6500 light fills the wall behind the monitor and enough spill to highlight the keyboard! runs off the USB socket on the back of the Mac Studio. thoroughly recommend this.
IMG_4438 (1)


I have one on every monitor in the office, and my displays at home. They are great.

Do you have a link to where to buy it?

Super nice guy based out of NJ I think. Small business, worth supporting.

He also makes a good goose neck light to see your keyboard if you work in a dark suite.


+1 on the gooseneck, I bought mine a year after having the monitor media light and it’s really handy.

great reccomend - order one already - thanks