Reasonable broadcast monitor

Finally something reasonable for all the home editors and flame artists.

Just something that seems like a no hassle option with sdi and hdmi , self calibration and all that jazz. I mean its not a class-1 grading monitor or anything but I would call it “reasonable”.

seems to be around 1500€

looked good at IBC/NAB in person.

Its really nothing special but it fits into this nice gap between computer monitor and full on flanders oled…


Is there a cutoff? I see the full raster on my Sony. This says 23.6 inches viewable. I’m wondering what that means.

its just the panel size, they class it as a 24" monitor jusr its really just 23.6 inch

All our editorial bays have 21" Lilliput monitors. SDI, HDMI… they’re not bad.

Probably depends on the model. My 21" is the least expensive (cheap) model and it really shows. Horrible colors…

I’ve been very happy with my Dells for GUI.

yea but not really a broadcast monitor thats the thing, the asus really hits a market i think. zespeically the built in lut capabilities , center marker and stuff are quiet useful , resolve doesnt have good overlays for example.

Sorry I missed the plot here. I don’t recommend the Dells for color accuracy. Just price and size and general decency.

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I use this Q13 Lilliput, it seems like a good option

Its an LED,… how does this compare to Q OLED? if you forget about the sdi, which one would you chose

asus proart QD oled for sure.

not the PA24US