Messed with color rules and now flame thinks my thumbnails are log

Hi all,

I did some pre-color comping in a Legacy (aka un-color managed) project last week, and added an Alexa Rendering viewing transform as well as a custom Red .ctf viewing transform. Theyr’e working great. However, all my desktop thumbnails look like they’re being color managed, and I don’t want this, as I’m now workign with graded footage. It’s not the end of the world because the actual picture is still correct, but this has happened before and bugs me. Is there a way to turn it off? Nothing is tagged with any color space as far as I can tell. Thanks!

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In the “User Interface” pref there’s a “Thumbnails” section on the bottom center-left. Down at the bottom is a toggle for applying Color Management.

That did it! Thanks!! I’d looked all over the Color Management section to no avail.

Haha. I had to boot up the software to find it–It took me a few minutes and I knew it was there!

I skimmed this thread and immediately had some rapidfire flashbacks of wondering why my thumbnails were always log. I didn’t really think much of it— and now I know the answer! Thanks for posting and thanks for answering!!

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I believe that your thumbnails honour the ViewingRules in ColourManagement preferences, depending on how the clips are tagged.
The rule it chooses is hierarchical from the top down.

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