Bulk font changing in project

Hi Everyone,

We’ve got a project that was started in Flame2021, but has now been transferred over to Flame2023.3.2. Seems to be moving across quite smoothly, except all the text added has now change to discreet and no longer pointed at the custom font.

Both machines can see the font on a shared storage with the exact same file path within the /opt/Autodesk/fonts/ folder. It is a single .ttf file we’re trying to use.

New Flame can see the font file but did not like trying to relink the current elements. Is there a good way to bulk change all the fonts so they are pointing to the correct one? It is a single font used across the whole project, so changing every text element individually will take some time.

Thank you in advance!

Sadly, this kind of stuff happens all the time. In a pinch, I’ve taken the working font I’ve been using, renamed
the default Discreet font to something else, and copied my new font to the default font location and changed its name to Discreet. Ugly, frustrating, but in a pinch it can save you a bit of time.


I have found that once the default font has been substituted, it can be hard to get the original back, particularly if you have made a custom path. I would suggest making sure the correct font is in the local default font folder, then reloading an archive of the text layers from the old flame to the new flame. Also, changing the default font in init.cfg to the desired font may work, but it’s a shitty hack.


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If your text is made using timeline fx, there’s a script in the logik portal that will do it called adjust text fx.


Thank you for suggestions guys. With the machine being dipped in and out of a few projects, we stayed away from adjusting the default Discreet font, and went through manually changing.

@Jason_Chambers I only saw this comment now, but that is a good one to keep a note of, for the inevitable situation of Flame doing more Flame things.

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