ML Full body extraction - Today you are my hero!

Doing one of those jobs where everyone is over white with hard edged wipes in between. Of course the set is not perfectly even and almost every shot needs the background replaced with an even flat white. It is taking me seconds per shot with a standard ML Body Extraction. Even with one model wearing a white shirt.


Nice Tim! i have used ML face a few times just to do some CC and it worked great. i was a little worried about the flickering in the alpha but it didn’t seem to affect the CC in any visible way. i still averaged the mattes a little because i’m paranoid AF. :slight_smile:

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I put a matte edge downstream to bulk it out


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rough guess: this knocked about 6 hours off my day today. Every shot out of 40 needed it and 75% were a drag/drop and move on.


Send us a celebratory selfie with you and your cape!

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When it works it’s a magical thing.


I’ve been using a ton of the ML eye selections lately and it’s been awesome

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I’ve found great uses for it that bypass the low resolution or temporal artifacts. Eyes are def one of them. I’ll use the eye bag preset, blur it and front source/FMO the skin below up to help with eye bags. Blurring the eye bag matte means that some skin gets ghosted over the eyes, so I use the eye whites and iris matte to put the orig eyes back on top.

Best of all, this stuff acts like a rig that I can drag and drop from shot to shot.